Toi, Moi & Cafe



This morning I went to this great cafe on rue Notre Dame Ouest with my mother for an early lunch. To get out of the snow storm, we stopped at one of the nearest cafe’s and we were delighted to find one that was well decorated and very cosy!

For lunch, I had the ratatouille and sweet potato accompanied by some strawberry juice, while my mother had a chicken salad. The food was surprisingly very tasty and a nice way to get out of the cold! 





The chicken salad. The chicken was served warm on the salad therfore the salad was not cold but warm. Great idea!



I also managed to look at what others were eating. The coffee cups are huge! I need to remember to go back to get some caffeine one day. Anyways, this restaurant/cafe is highly recommended to all. 



For the love of Indian Food..

If you are looking for a great Indian place in downtown Montreal, I would definitely recommend two great places, Thali and Devi. Both places, I have been to with my mother and I have to admit that they have been aded to my list of favourite take out places.

Firstly I will start out with Devi a restaurant that is located on Crescent and St. Catherine street. When I walked into this restaurant I was immediately taken away by the decor. This place is stunning.


My mother and I shared a few dishes. We had paneer, a great eggplant dish, and butter chicken.  Not to forget the very generous portions of naan they gave us. I had left overs for days after this meal.

Next off let me tell you about Thali. Thali is a litre gem of a restaurant that can barely fit in over 10 people BUT the food is so delicious and very affordable. As a student I must say that I have gotten taken out from there several times without making a serious dent in my small bank account. You can order wraps (the paneer wrap is amazing), combos (both vegetarian and non vegetarian) and a selection of other tasty dishes.

Also the restaurant has a great rating on urbanspoon:

Almost 90 percent of members are fans. Try it out!

Indian food is oh so yummy!


As a individual from Montreal I feel as if it is my duty to recommend several restaurants to my readers. This is my first recommendation post on my new blog. With the warm weather slowly *ahem* and I do mean very slowly approaching our city, it is still the time to appreciate good soup.

You can get great Pho Vietnamese soup on St. Catherine’s street right after passing St. Mathieu. There you will find a little inexpensive gem of a restaurant that simply hits the spot and satisfies your taste buds.

For all those that are interested here is the restaurants urban-spoon review. It states that over 80 % have voted that the restaurant is yummy. Not bad for an inexpensive restaurant in the expensive city of Montreal.

Below you will find a picture of their finest fresh shrimp and vegetable rolls. A great side dish to a nice warm soup.